3-31-15 by dave

One more beautiful morning greeted the Morning Crew as the Tram hit the peak.  Mineral Basin was the obvious call for the first hour, as the overnight temps. had set up the pack from yesterday.  More modest lines were on tap, but the consistency was still good, with the fresh till feeling granular and smooth.  The off trail would take a while to soften, but the first hour was a treat, doing the big lap time after time. On the front of the hill, tenderizing efforts had been employed, and staying close to the prepared line was easy to do with the great visibility.  High thin clouds began to mask the Sun’s harsh rays, keeping the softening lines from becoming sticky and sloggy.  That was a real treat, as the sorbet feel was hard to beat.  As I was heading up for first Tram, I stopped to say good morning to these three key folks who are responsible for keeping the wheels turning every day. DSC02748 Without their efforts, as well as all the other folks that work tirelessly to make each day unfold seamlessly, the wheels would not turn.  Thanks guys for being there and keeping it all moving straight ahead.  Tomorrow, look for a big change in the weather, as a front is moving through as I write this.  There could be a bit of accumulation associated with the passage, and the hill will be not be softening up as it has of late.  Look to the Groomers to be the best bet for consistency, and stay clear of those off trail sections that got worked by the ambient temps..  The High North is holding on to the last of the cold in the pack, and will be the off trail place to find something more challenging.  Be aware of melt off on the high points that have cropped up on some of the lower elevations on the hill, especially if they get covered over. DSC02753 Here is a shot of the Tram docking as a reflection in the window.  It seems as if it is a mirage.   IBBY!!

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  1. Doug Mayor says:

    Thanks, Guru Dave….
    For All the insight and tips for enjoying the Big Mountain Experience at the ‘Bird during this not-normal-snowpack year.

  2. marie says:

    Yes, thank you “lift ops.”

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