3-27-15 by dave

I was driving with the top down from the very first Tram, as the peak temp. was balmy and still for the morning session.  Very nice Grooming had been worked on all sides of the hill, but the Mineral Basin drops were offering the goods right from the word Go.   Once again, the White Diamonds- Lower Silver Dipper line had been prepared, and with the morning Sun, was sporting a perfect break of sorbet sweetness that kept me doing the big laps to get as much of that Spring rarity as I could get.  On the front of the hill, Regulator was going to take a lot more time to break, but in the mean time, the tenderized lines were good to go and gave ample tooth right from first Tram if you wanted to rock the Tram laps.  When the break hit the entire hill, the goodness was a treat, with only some of the cat tracks hinting at the sticky factor later on.  Here is a shot of Door # 3 with the Sun peaking over the cliff band.  It looked very sketchy, as that old layer looked very crunchy before the break.  DSC02730Tomorrow, look for another warm day and an earlier brake than today.  Look for the Groomers to be offering the goods for the first few hours out in the back, with the front following close behind.  An earlier start will pay dividends as the super soft conditions of the later afternoon may be very sticky on the lower mountain.  It is predicted that record breaking warmth is in store for the day, so take advantage of the early goodness, and today’s example was hard to beat.  The High North is still holding up and smoothing out, but I think the high ambient temps up high will begin to work even these lines. Here is a shot of the great music happening on the Plaza for the afternoon crowd.  DSC02734Great conditions and great cover are still happening on all sides of the hill, so get there and get your share of the Spring fun, and stay for the Plaza performances.  See you Sunday.  Ciao!!

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  1. marie says:

    Have loved every minute of this winter. And all the new accomplishments. I am, however, ready to “come home,” and spend the rest of the season being the ‘Snowbird Girl/ Goddess’ that I. I having my soul filled with the energy of the positive vortex.

  2. dave says:

    All Hail ALTARIA, Snow Goddess!!!

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