2-27-17 by dave

There was a skiff on The Trailer as I headed up the hill this morning, and the snow was driving hard all the way up, with very greasy conditions on the road.  Up on the hill, it was a full on blizzard with the Essence falling fast and hard.  The Tram got off on time, with Regulator only off the top and there was already 14” or more of blower powder that was just amazing.  I worked the Quads to beat the Tram line and got run after run of very deep goodness where the wind had deposited the snow in the guts.  When the Peruvian Gulch opened, the depth was full on suffocating top to bottom, and you needed to work the steepest pitches to keep the momentum going.  What a morning!!!  The Forklift recon breakfast meeting offered tales from the Exotic Trees and Cirque Traverse, where the morning crew found untracked excellence top to bottom  Here is a shot of The Powder Bros., who I have known for 40 years.  You can take the Powder Bros. away from The Bird, but you can’t take The Bird away from the Powder Bros.  I know they were going to get the steep and deep.   I had to bail to beat the Canyon closure at Noon, so I left the rapidly mounting pack to the gang.  When I got back to the car, there was a foot of fresh in just those 4 hours.  That is Dump City!!  Tomorrow, look for residual flurries, more goodness waiting in the wings, and super deep conditions wall to wall.  Break out your fattest ride, because you are going to need it.  Conditions are ALL TIME and that is no exaggeration.  It will be good where ever you choose to go.  See you there for the Steep and Deep.  As Joe Man The Snowman says, “Don’t Skip On The GROOVE SAUCE!!”

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