2-28-17 by dave

Flurries continued all day and the temps. were cold, with wind up at the the higher elevations keeping the snow quality well preserved all day long.  While the Sun did try to poke out a couple of times it never really cut through the storm clouds.  Mineral Basin opened with a huge surge of the faithful who were waiting for the opening.  The wind seemed to have consolidated the Essence, making it feel a bit heavier than the snow on the front side of the hill.  The traffic on the front of the hill disappeared when the crowd swarmed the back, so I took advantage of the lull to get the extra laps in.  Wynonna sent me this magical shot of the Snow Angel she made just out ahead of this last installment.  If that is the magic that brings the snow, I’ll take it!!Super deep pockets were still to be found if you knew where to look, and here is a great shot of Mikey M getting down and deep on one of the High North aspects that were being ignored.  This past cycle has been All Time, and the conditions on the hill are great wall to wall.  Even the rumble is blastable and fun.  Today’s Groomers were super special, with deep carving turns rebounding with precision and ease.  Going for the Quad option paid dividends when the Tram line was building up.  Tomorrow, look for some more Essence to be deposited on the hill by the continuous impulses that are moving through.  I think the wind will be working some of the aspects as well, so look to the Southeast aspects for smooth wind filled lines.  We will see.  The Groomers will also be providing ultra perfect Hydro velvet goodness, where you can explore you inner Ligety!!  See you there for these amazing days of mid Winter excellence.  IBBY!!

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