8-04-14 by dave

We have quickly arrived here in August, signaling the downhill slide back to the Winter Season.  The first exhibition Pro Football Game was televised yesterday, and that is a clear indication of a very quick return to the goods.  I made a visit to the Chef’s garden the other day to see how it is going, and here are a couple of shots of it in all it’s verdant abundance. -68Here is a shot of me standing in front of his huge pumpkin plants, backed by the Sunflowers that are just starting to blossom. -71 He is pulling arm fulls of produce out of this garden every day.  He made a huge salad with vegetables he picked just moments prior to eating it.  It does not get fresher than that.  The corn is still a ways out, but the tomatoes are just beginning to ripen.  I hope to get a few of those and make some fresh pasta dishes myself, when he has enough to give away.  The Fresh Air Concerts on Saturday night continue to be off the charts excellent, with some of the smokin’est music I have heard all Summer.  Octoberfest will be beginning soon, so that will be well worth the effort to get up to the hill for the festivities.  Well, I am back to the deep research these days, but it won’t be long until we are back at it.  Stay Frosty!!

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