7-28-14 by dave

Along with all the Summer activities that are happening on the mountain, the new downhill mountain biking trail is shaping up nicely according to my inside sources.  Folks are doing multiple laps a day on the trail and loving it.  Here is a shot of my friend JX who sent me these shots of the trail.  -63The burms are building up and the rocky areas are beginning to work in better.  As the trail is 7.5 miles long, that gives you a lot of time and terrain to dig into the deep sections of the mountain.  -65This is the trail as it makes it’s way into the Little Cloud area.  The wild flowers are at their peak right now, so you will be getting a full eye full of color all the way down this section.  -62This is one of the sections that bridge some of the sensitive areas on the trail.  -67This is a shot of my friend Julia on one of the sections crossing Wilbre Bowl that has some interesting exposures along this section.  She knows the mountain like the back of her hand and is really loving the trail.  Work continues on the new facility on the peak with the footings having been poured and the foundation forms going up.  It was hard to determine what was what the last time I was up there, but this shot gives you an idea of how the footprint looks.  Plus, years from now, when it is finished, you can look back and see the ground level beginnings.  Some of those foundation shots from the early 70’s are fun to see now that the Center is all up and running.  DSC02202Here is a shot of this big excavator on the peak that is a very rare sight at 11,000′ above sea level.DSC02205  It is an interesting contrast with the Twins behind it looking  as massive as they are. Don’t forget to get up to the Saturday Night Fresh Air Concerts.  They have been really excellent with remarkable talent.   Here at the Trailer I am keeping track of the frequency changes in the Morphogenic Field as we pass through this particularly interesting part of the space. One rarely thinks of how fast the solar system is moving as it orbits the Galactic Core, but it does move mighty quickly.  This space ship Earth is ripping, but, for the most part, it is a smooth ride.  END TRANSMISSION

4 Responses to “BIG FUN”

  1. marie says:

    The featured, “space traveler” is so energetic and embodies everything about Snowbird. She loves to be up there and is in her element at the Bird, winter and summer ! Everything that she does, she does with 100 percent effort and with her full heart. She is so sincere and so awesome !

  2. dave says:

    She certainly is all of that and then some. We compare notes on the status of the Morphogenic Field all of the time. She knows where of she speaks!!

  3. Julia says:

    Thank you Dave for the honor of putting me on your website. And thank you two for your awesome comments! The trail is getting better every day. So much fun! I’m so glad that I live in this beautiful place where I have the opportunity to enjoy the awesomeness of this world! Love you both! See you on the mountain!

  4. marie says:

    Snowbird is a great place. It has meant much to me have a shout out and a smile from my two friends. Becoming a “pin up” on my 50th birthday ……….. works.

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