3-19-12 by dave

Hot on the Grill

Yet another serious installment of ultra Essence was deposited on the hill overnight, once again reloading the lines for full immersion blasting.   The faithful were in full attendance, pushing the Tram line out on the Plaza in anticipation of the opening bell.  The quality was off the charts perfect, with the added cushioning from yesterday’s installment, that left the old crusty layer only barely discernible in select sections where the wind had reduced the depth.  Face shots of suffocating proportions were wall to wall on all exposures.  There was a touch of wind affected lines on the some of the highest aspects, but it did not offer any issues in quality.  More of the hill opened as the morning progressed, leaving Mineral Basin and Road to Provo closed.  The harbor chop began to build up quickly with the heavy traffic on all aspects, requiring either  full on blastitude or a slower rounder approach.   I chose the later to preserve my knees for tomorrow’s festivities.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be exquisite for the morning session, but I anticipate the chop to rise up again with the traffic continuing to demand the goods.   Mineral and Road to Provo will offer more untracked for the lucky folks who get the quick window.   The lines go blindingly fast, so an early arrival will make your chances of the fresh line more probable.  The cover is still looking very good, but there are some hidden rarities that have eaten some edges and cores, so keep an eye out.   For those who have left the hill for the far reaches, I will be charging those lines for you, so if you feel a sudden momentary reverie, that will be the sign of the Psychic Transmission sent to the Morphogenic Field.   Soak it up, it came from HERE!!   Here is a shot of  the untouched accumulation on the Barbie.   Cooking it!!!   Peace Out!

3 Responses to “DOUBLE WOW!!!”

  1. Jebby says:

    “full on blastitude” – YESSS
    talk about epic. thank you Wasatch pow Gods. thanks GD for the vibing stream of consciousness every day.

  2. Heyatoya says:

    Epic snorkel POW! And refills too! My dreams were answered the last 2 days. With the mid-west (Chicago area) already thinking summer, no one knows what I am talking about! I knew it would happen for me. A big THANKS to the Wasatch gods. They have never failed me on my visits. Had me crying tears of joy, really crying!

  3. Chris Egers says:

    Wonderful Bird memories………this is how I saw it….uhmmmmm, want to return…..someday.

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