3-20-12 by dave

Untrammeled Perfection

The Bird served up another heaping helping of LITTLE COTTONWOOD perfection today, with the addition of 5 to 6” of 6% fluffulecence on top of the already deep Essential layers of the past few days.   It was a picture postcard day, with Mineral Basin and Road to Provo standing perfectly serene, waiting for the faithful to be given the Go Sign.  It is difficult to impart the particular excellence of this perfection, and I can only direct you to the Bird’s site for action photos that best exemplify the awesomenicity of the experience.  I share this shot of the Little Cloud area just minutes away from the opening to give an idea of the anticipation of the folks who made it for this exquisite offering by Mother Nature.  Hopefully the appetite of the faithful was sated after this experience, but any installment is a treasure in itself and continually delivers the call.  The harbor chop built up rapidly with the heavy traffic, but pockets of fluff were still to be found after it was all said and done.  The Sun began to work the direct aspects as the high angle is relentless, making those lines quite manky.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to, once again, to be deep, living room shag perfect, with the North facing lines still holding the cold.  There will be some crispy crust on the exposed sections, so stay clear of the Sun for best results.  The cover is much improved, but I hit a couple of reefs in my search for the last vestiges of this Essential treat.  Remember to look for the gems that will be numerous this close to the storm, but remember to watch the aspect changes, as they come, for extreme consistency issues.  See you in the AM!   Ciao!

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