3-21-12 by dave

It was a bit brisk on the peak this morning to start out the real first post powder day, which offered the anticipated Groomer extravaganza on both sides of the hill.   I went for the front side of the hill for the morning session to take advantage of the carvelicious preparation.  Those days of perfect powder provided the material which was transformed into perfect corduroy.  A light turn out made back to back Trams easy, with no lines to wade through.   The off trail offered dry chalky lines on the North faces, but the East South


and West faces have been affected by the high Sun angle.    Those heavily affected areas should be avoided until much later in the day to spare the knee wrenching crustitude that awaits forays into the danger zone.   Working the perfect lines pays the big dividends, with high speed ripping on uncrowded carpeted extravagance.   Tomorrow, look for the North to still be holding the cold, but even more Sun damage will be found down low, so expect some crusty machine work, which will probably will be given some tenderizing efforts.  Another warm one is on tap, but expect another cool morning,  after which you can drop a layer as the morning heats up.  It is Spring after all now, so all considerations of aspect will spare you a tricky descent.   Here is a shot of Superior after the Dawn Patrol got the first lines.  This is one big piece of real estate to approach let alone rip it.  I watched some of the runs, and they were choking on the Essence.  Soooo Deep!!!   IBBY!!!

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