3-18-12 by dave

Wow!!! That was incredible!   Going from, perhaps, the most challenging conditions the Bird has to offer, the conditions morphed into the best conditions the Bird has to offer overnight.   The storm came in warm, which kept the snow pack from freezing, depositing high density product followed by lighter and lighter Essence.   As the accumulation built up into the ” Right Side Up” layering, it offered the absolute best powder experience possible, with bottomless, blower, effortless, fall line magic.   It was so deep it required a steep pitch to engage the free fall powder experience, which felt like heaven.   Gone was the icy gnar that was totally cushioned by the deep blanket.  The interference patterns became mere rolling waves that just added to the dynamic of the descent.  I could not get over the transformation.   I was also very happy for the many folks who traveled here from the East, and all world localities, to experience the Promise of the Wasatch, letting them experience the thrill of such dazzling fluffulessence.  Now,


some may think I am exaggerating the quality, but the faithful who partook of the goodness will agree I am certain.  It is dumping here at the Trailer as I write this, and the TEXT MESSAGE said the Canyon may be closed in the AM., so check the access before leaving.   Tomorrow, expect another awesome offering of the righteous Utah goodness with no caveats to relate.  Just go, and GO FOR IT!!!  It’s Good To Go!!  Here is a shot from the lower canyon of the towering granite buttresses that stand guard at the entrance.  I was waiting for the road opening and could not resist this misty, snowy perspective.   IBBY!!

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