5-13-19 by dave

Well, it is the day after the last day of the regular season and I am sitting here in The Trailer planning the week ahead without skiing. Yesterday was an amazing day with a hard freeze, lots of beautifully prepared lines, and a perfect series of breaks that kept the stoke going till at least 2 PM. Here is a shot of Malissa and Jessica as they celebrated Malissa’s birthday and got some amazing lines from the opening bell.

A perfect day for a birthday and perfect weather to get the maximum R&B out of the hill. Happy Birthday M!!

Out in Mineral Basin, the light traffic let you dial in line after line of perfect sorbet before the Sun got to it. The Sun was high in the sky and it does not take long for the pack to get soggy. Here is a shot off the bottom of the hill with some great shadow effects.

Perfect snow and great Sun made for some amazing terrain feature formations.

The front of the hill broke quickly, and those long steep prepared lines were rippin’ top to bottom. It had a real back country feel to it and kept me on the hill getting as much as I could. Twins was open again and here is a shot from the East Twin looking back at the Bird. A rare perspective indeed.

The view from the top of the East Twin looking back at Snowbird’s Hidden Peak.

Here is a great shot of the perfect corn goodness that lives on the back side of the Twins. Wall to wall amazing.

Perfect corn goodness just the way you dream about.

Tomorrow, I will begin my perilous descent down the rabbit hole and will be getting The Trailer ready to take out to the High Desert for the Summer. I will post again, perhaps Thursday, with an update on conditions if I can get some intel, but we’ll have to wait until next weekend to get back to the SUMMIT. Straight Ahead!!

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