5-17-19 by dave

After waiting out the week, the Faithful were on deck for the opening bell, but due to the wet and wild conditions the opening was delayed. When The Peruvian Chair opened there was quite a cheer of sheer stoke, and fresh, high density frosting was on tap for the crowd. Here is a shot of the expectant crowd ready to get more of what the season still has to offer.

The Faithful waiting for the fun machine to be turned on to get them back to the Fun Zone.

The consistency was so dense that, once again, the 8 or so inches of freshness made each turn feel bottomless. The substrate was not frozen, so when you did hit the bottom it was a seamless transition. Here is a shot that Neil sent of his run in Hot Foot Gully.

Hot Foot Gully looking and feeling like mid Winter.

Mineral Basin and Little Cloud remained closed for the day, so the Morning Crew assembled at the Forklift to assess the options. Here is a shot of our gracious host Rachel who was glad to have us back at the table.

Rachel welcoming the Morning Crew back from the days off the Winter routine. Her smile lights up the world.

Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation as the rain pounded the skin of The Trailer all afternoon and more activity is still upstream waiting to move in. Expect continued heavy consistency, limited openings for the early hours, and a solid turn out by The Faithful. I will be taking my usual Saturday off, but I will be posting for tomorrow, so stay tuned. Enjoy the fresh frosting. Keep it tight!!

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