1-19-13 by dave

It was hazy once again in the Valley as the inversions persists.  Up on the hill it was crystal clear, with much warmer temps. to enjoy after that big chill we had not long ago.  It seems like yesterday that it was a test of endurance to be out in such weather, but NOW is an extravaganza of fun in the SUN.   The firm is still holding tough with the lack of freshness, but the big smooth sections are still holding up to the increased traffic.   The interference patterns have some smooth lines to them as the wind and low traffic has kept them tamed.  It was my day off today and I took the time to dig the Trailer out of the some of the pack that built up during this cold snap.  Tomorrow, look for another day of inversion warmth at altitude and the fresh clean air that invigorates the senses.  Check the Grooming chart to see if any new and exciting lines have been punched out, as the past week has offered some very nice drops.  Often, folks ask me about what I am talking about when I mention  flying the Wings, and what they could be.   Here I submit for your approval a shotS_SH_20_90_5228 from the folks at Powder Shots, who get the action right there in real time. The wings develop a lift dynamic in the hands that create a serious lift platform to dial in the fall line.  They are serious fun, but I put them away after 11:00 Am., when the hill gets too crowded to go full throttle.   See you in the AM!!! IBBY!!

3 Responses to “CRYSTAL CLEAR”

  1. blizzy says:

    Def. one of more interesting ideas ive seen on snow. Keep those good words and vibes a brew’in Dave! congrats

  2. Jeffrey Ross Hood says:

    Great picture I hope you are having a good year I am the friend of Barry and Linda Levine .See you in the locker room in March .Ski fast Party Hardy. Jeff

  3. 3D says:

    When’s my next turn..?

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