1-20-13 by dave

Another beautiful day dawned with slightly colder temps to start things off.  There was a light North breeze which kept the air from warming up too quickly.   On the hill the Groomers were so sweet with a carvalicious feel that kept you going back for more.  Mineral Basin was very  nice and drew the crowd quickly as it was obvious that was where the fun was happening.  Of course they all have been reading these posts, so they had to know to go there.  Doh!!!!!  No matter, there is plenty of room for all, though the increased traffic made vigilance to fast movers a must.  There is a big group of athletes here for the Competition this weekend, and they are hitting the hill hard wall to wall.  I left early to stay clear of the full court press, but it is fun to see the performance level on the hill.  Tomorrow, look for the Competition to move to Upper Silver Fox, so the spectating should be fun.   This hill is still holding up, though the obvious lines are going to get hit today, so expect a bit more chop on the big smooth.  Look farther afield to find those still standing wind slab lines that I have been mining all week.  Perfect is perfect where ever you find it, even in this no fresh snow environment.  The hill is sporting some nice lines here and about, so look for the overlooked sections, and take some time to access the goods.  It is an adventure after all.  Here is a shot of a rock out cropping that has seenDSC01206 millenia of Winters.  This rock can tell stories if you listen.   See you for the fun in the AM., and be sure to watch for BLACK ICE in the Canyon.  You can see the places up and down where folks have spun out.  Be safe.   IBBY!!

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