1-18-13 by dave

I left The Trailer shrouded in gloom as I headed up the Canyon this morning.  Breaking thought the cloud deck at Tanner’s Flat revealed another beautiful day high above the inversion layer.  This hill was offering some very nice Groomers on all sides of the hill, with some of the long wind smoothed lines still holding the smooth despite the heavy traffic.  More big lines have been hit with the machine, offering extended goodness on some very steep sections.  There was a light breeze keeping it a bit cooler today than yesterday, but those direct South faces were softening up a bit with the warming.  There is a large influx of good skiers hitting the hill with the competition being held on the Rasta Chutes this weekend.  With this in mind be aware of fast movers coming from lines usually un traveled, so keep looking up the hill and be aware of the surrounding action.  Tomorrow, look for much increased traffic, but the up hill capacity will deal sternly with any serious build up.  Those long smooth lines should hold up one more day before the chop breaks the smooth.  Look for the Sun to have warmed the Mineral Basin early on, leaving the front side to get lighter as the Sun gains it’s high point in the sky.  There are some shoals beginning to show up here and there, so keep and eye out for the tell tale signs that indicate the rough.  Here is a shot from the Tram Dock with the Sun refracting in the camera lens.  Just for art.   Ciao!!!DSC01214

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