3-12-18 by dave

After yesterday afternoon’s warm temps. and a fair overnight freeze, the hill was a tad crispy this morning. Mineral Basin was offering the best lines for the opening bell and the corduroy was smooth and consistent, but there was a definite float to the lines that kept you honest. The Morning Crew made several laps out there to take advantage of the Sun, warmth, and open lines that made it feel like a private resort. Here is a shot of the Morning Crew at The Landing. On the front of the hill, Regulator needed a lot more time to soften as the Sun rose up over the ridge. The Peruvian Gulch was holding the most dry chalk, so I stayed with the peripheral Cat passes to get the untracked corduroy that was being neglected. The off trail is getting more solid as days pass and the high frequency rumble makes you keep turning to smooth the ride. With the warm temps., a Spring like feel to the air is evident and here is a shot of The Jersey Boys sporting a whimsical look for such a nice day. Tomorrow, look for another crispy morning, as today’s warm temps. and direct Sun got to the exposed pack and will be very tricky in the AM. Stay with the tilled lines for the best consistency. Mineral Basin will be offering the Sun and the first break in the pack. Even warmer temps. are predicted for the day, and I am looking forward to driving with the top down again as I did today. The High North is still holding the cold dry off trail lines as they did not get too affected by the Sun or warmth. See you there for the morning corduroy goodness. IBBY!!

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