3-11-18 by dave

The corduroy was fast and fresh this morning, but attention to aspect was key in working the hill. Mineral Basin was offering the goods to kick off the day, and The Morning Crew pounded out a couple of fast laps back there before breaking out to seek different lines for the morning recon meeting at the Forklift. Regulator was a tad crispy to start out the day, after yesterday’s Sun had worked the pack. The off trail pack is beginning to solidify, with the High North still holding the dry chalky feel, and the direct Sun aspects absorbing the Sun’s rays. KJ and Harry Caston were on deck and stoked to get to the fresh lines in Mineral Basin. Harry, is the father of Marcus and Rose Caston, both of whom are bringing the Art Of The Turn back to skiing. Tomorrow, look for another great day of ground pounding fun, shaving the nap off the untracked corduroy. Be sure to keep aspect in mind as you plan your day, with Mineral Basin offering the best fresh carpets of Hydro Velvet for the early morning laps. All sides of the hill are offering great smooth groomers, but let Regulator soften a bit before hitting it too hard. Again, those High North lines will be offering the dry chalky feel since it is still Winter despite the nice warm days. I was driving with the top down all afternoon and it was a real treat. As a parting shot, I offer this view of Boundary Bowl looking exquisite in it’s untrammeled purity. That big Sun Dog I saw the other day promises changes in the weather as we dive into another Nevada Low. See the Line, BE the Line!!!

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