3-10-18 by dave

With a forecast of overcast skies as a front was moving in out of the North, the weather never materialized and we got a Bonus Sun day out of the deal. The Groomers were offering the goods with perfect corduroy that is still holding up as the snow has yet to be deeply affected by the Sun. Mineral Basin was good to go, with fun and fast buffed lines that were smooth and silky. The Lewis and Clark laps were vacant and let you dial it up and and dial in some serious edge angles. With total edge confidence, you can trust the surface to supply the needed traction to match the gravity. Here is a close up of the perfect nap that will let you explore your inner Ligety!! The day warmed up and the Sun did start working the direct aspects, which became a tad manky as the day wore on. Keep those aspects in mind for tomorrow, as they will not be the place to be when it has refrozen. Tomorrow, look for more great Groomers on all sides of the hill. Give Regulator a bit of time for the early runs till the Sun gets up over the ridge. The forecast is for a storm to be moving south of the Front, so I expect a nice morning, but do be prepared for some high overcast perhaps. Again, the Sun has been working the pack and keeping that in the back of your mind will help with line selection, especially in the AM. The High North aspects are still holding the cold dry chalk, so look there for the best quality. The hill is in great shape and there is a lot to chose from with such good cover. See you there for the early rippin’ lines with little to no traffic. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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