3-09-18 by dave

It was a carving smooth morning with excellent machine worked runs on all sides of the hill. The Sun was working the Mineral Basin aspects early, and the smooth carpets over there kept the Morning Crew lapping the lines to get as much of the untracked corduroy as possible. On the Front of the hill, Peruvian Gulch was offering dry chalky carpets that were lightly covered with wind transported dust that added just a touch of luxury to each turn. Regulator came alive when the Sun came up over the ridge, and I took advantage of the thin dust covered goodness that lives on the fringes. Here is a shot of the East Twin that was looking mystical in the filtered afternoon light. The light was filtered by some high clouds that had moved in ahead of a front that will bring some quick changes for tomorrow. Tomorrow, look for that front to begin moving in and the visibility will be compromised a bit. Look to those Groomers for the spot on smoothness that will really help keep you going in the marginal light. That high frequency rumble still is widespread and the interference patterns are becoming more pronounced on those higher traffic lines. Work the chairs to keep moving up the hill if the Tram backs up in the AM. Dress for weather, but I don’t thing the temps. are going to fall too much, but I would be wearing my cold weather coat for the occasion. I will be taking the day off to rest up after a great week of snow sport sliding. The hill is in great shape and you will find good access to the more remote aspects. Stay Frosty!!

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