3-13-18 by dave

It was a warmer day as the South wind was keeping the temps. balmy, which is not to say that it didn’t freeze overnight…. it did. However, Mineral Basin was offering nicely machine worked lines that were dialable and had plenty of tooth to arc some righteous turns. Lewis and Clark was like a private resort, with no one around for the morning session. On the front side of the hill, Regulator was very crispy and needed some time to break. The Peruvian side of the hill had a more chalky feel, but the lower elevations were quite stiff to begin. The one shining pitch on the lower mountain was Lower Chips Face, which was offering a smooth tilled surface that made me think of that steep pitch in White Pine when you are shaving crystals off the surface. Magical. Here is a shot of the dappled light on Powder Paradise taken from the top of Baldy Express. I was driving with the top down from the word GO and the day kept warming up nicely. Regulator broke around Noon, offering a Spring like feel with smooth machine worked lines that made me think of Red Baldy’s West face. The lower mountain softened as well and by 1PM. there was a chiffon feel to the pack that made dialing in deep turns a real treat. Here is a shot of two of the industrial smoothers parked on the peak. It is fun to get up close and personal with these machines and think about how nicely the operators work the hill for our shredding pleasure. Tomorrow, look for the incoming weather to make itself known as clouds, wind, and some flurries are expected ahead of the big installment that is waiting to unload. The pack will be crispy and the light will be marginal. The Promise Of The Wasatch is about to be kept, so get ready for a big cycle. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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