1-31-13 by dave

Today offered up a heaping helping of the most creamy and dreamy product of the current cycle.  The high density quality created a surface that was fully buoyant, floating each turn like walking on water, which, of course, is exactly what we are doing if you think about it.  The hill opened slowly with slide activity making control work take longer.  The wait was worth every minute, with the Zoom Chair providing a sample of the goods.   I dropped the Get Serious Chutes for the first time in 2 years, as the entrance was never going to get better, and the velvet buff was too good to pass up.  Yum Yum Yum.  The wind was howling, blowing in the sections that had previously had sparse cover, improving the entrances of many of the big drops.   The performance level on the hill was a reflection of the pent up energy built up after the long high pressure, but it also showed the forward trajectory of the new school movement.  Everywhere you looked you would see high octane throw down runs, leaving any caution way behind, and they were sticking the landings with no problem.  What a time to be witness to the future.  Tomorrow, look for the remaining closed areas to open up as they can be controlled, so there is a lot of terrain left to get.  The weather will be clearing off, and the temps. are predicted to get warmer, which should provide a perfect experience for everyone who did not get a chance during these last few days, and for those who did, another chance to maximize the glow.  The cover is really good wall to wall, with only a few  high traffic traverses still showing signs of thin cover, but they areDSC01221 very easy to get around.  Since the visibility was so marginal today, I offer this shot of a buttress out in Mineral Basin that I took just before the weather turned.  I have always loved the mosaic of color and texture this rock contains.  Nature’s art, got to love it.   IBBY!!

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