1-30-13 by dave

It was another morning of storm riding for the faithful who showed up for today’s opening round of Powder Blasting.   The wind was nuking up on the higher elevations, moving the new snow around and into some variable wind waves that were a bit interesting in the marginal visibility.  There was a rime ice freezing to the goggles that required stops to scrape the coating off before proceeding to the next section.  The bottom was still in play after yesterday’s accumulation, but the higher density Essence created an upside down situation with some nice cushion.   I got sucked over the falls on one section, as I hit a wave blind and did the full El Rollo, though I did stay in the binders.  The hard driving snow and wind kept the tracks filling in as fast as you could visit the shots, and the fairly easy traffic made the round trip fast and furious.  I have been watching the wind direction and anticipate some significant filling of some of the pesky entrances that I have been avoiding.  I will be giving a more complete picture of this feature when I can actually see what the lines look like.  Tomorrow, look for continued accumulation overnight,DSC01232 thought the real energy of the storm has moved East, there will be some more to be had in the AM.   Major sections of the hill remained closed today, so there will be a lot of freshness to get, however the upside down nature of this last installment will make things a bit tricky.  Check the Canyon situation in the AM for restrictions.  Here is a close up of Digger sporting some serious leftovers from his last run.  It was that deep and then some.  Ciao!!

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