2-01-13 by dave

The message was out that the goods were ON, and the faithful from the world over began to arrive to get some of what had been reported.  The first level was full of new guests eager to get to it.  The Tram line was backed up well in advance of the first departure, so hitting the chairs was a great option as they were uncrowded and going full speed.  The leftovers from yesterday was still fun, but the Groomers were awesome, with Lower Primrose Path the highlight of the lower mountain.  Mineral Basin opened after the control work had been completed, which drew the crowd over there to get the goods that were wall to wall, with the exception of Powder Paradise which remained closed.  Road to Provo also remained closed, so those large areas are still waiting to be sampled.  The wind was blowing out of the North, which later in the day began to smooth and fill some nice lines on the Northeast faces.  Tomorrow, look for what the wind might have accomplished overnight, the Groomers to once again be offering some ultra sweet carving, and the areas of the hill that were closed to open with fresh lines for the faithful to partake.  I will be taking the day off to rest up from the week and prepare for the next week of rock and roll.  After all the fog, wind and snow fall of the last few days hadDSC01236 cleared off, the rime had covered seemingly everything that was stationary on the top of the hill.  Here is a shot of one of the pines on the peak that was caked with rime as it was illuminated by the Sun.  Have a great day tomorrow, and enjoy all the fresh lines that await the faithful.   See you Sunday.  IBBY!!

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