Corn Goodness

3-20-09 by dave

Friday was much warmer, going in, than any day this week.  The High north aspects still are holding the dry chalk and have not fallen to the heat.  Upper Primrose was buffed with sensational snow.   The lower mountain was truly in the grip of the freeze.  Mineral Basin went off early and was basking in the sun creating corn goodness top to bottom.  The North facing was still holding , but was becoming a tad worked.  The overall softening, on the front side, did not commence until 12:00 Noon when, slowly,  the runs gave way to the softness.  Beautiful sun was unobstructed by clouds and the heat wave was cooking it all, with the exception of the high North.  A storm, moving into the area next week, will begin accelerating the wind and moving the temps up even higher.  Look to Mineral again for early morning rippage and move with the sun as the day progresses.  High North aspects are still becoming smoother with the wear and can be counted on early as well, but one must find escape on the lower mountain.  Re tilling on Who Done It is generally done in the morning, but not guaranteed, so check the grooming report for the update.  The Softening will be a touch earlier tomorrow due to the increasing Southerly flow and warmer morning so do not lollygag to long.  Very light traffic persists so ,virtually, unlimited vertical is possible if you so desire.. Have a great day and make a run for me !!!

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