Very Crispy

3-19-09 by dave

Thursday morning began, as the others had, with a touch of cold air.  The High North facing still is holding the cold and chalk and responding to the continued wear with some smooth sections.  West facing held off till 1:00PM . The Mineral Basin was a touch slow softening , but broke with nice sherbet consistency.  The front side still had fully edge-able corduroy until the lower mountain where the softening did not start till 12:30 PM.  The cat crew had re tilled Who Done It creating an escape route for the morning.  Lower Primrose was buffed but was unapproachable till 1:00 PM, after which it became very spreadably smooth and epic.  Regulator is holding off the longest so do not venture there until it goes off or it’s a clutch situation, which can be avoided.  Out of area touring was open again and is still looking good, but the earlier the better.  Light traffic again today so vertical is only limited by your enthusiasm.   High cloud cover moved in after lunch and slightly backed of the bake factor.  Tomorrow migh be a tad quicker softening if the cloud cover persists and the temps remain high so the corn might go off earlier.  Put and edge on and get out early!!!

2 Responses to “Very Crispy”

  1. David Harrison says:

    Davey Boy,

    Hope you have recovered from your full frontal launch into the flatness.

    Sucks to hit the wind sheild, but if you fly long enough, sooner or later the quantum foam will suck you in. The Mountain always wins.

    Chop suey and join the U.S. Marines

    David O. Harrison

  2. dave says:

    Getting better by the day ! Better living through chemistry. Now I know how those TNA guys feel every day. Not for me!!!

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