Winds Of Change

3-21-09 by dave

Saturday morning was balmy.  It is my day off from the hill but I feel that the overall conditions have remained,virtually, unchanged.  That said, with the approaching system or systems , it would be good to review the overall complexion of the hill.  Once it gets covered up you won’t really see what lies beneath.  The high North facing has smoothed considerably but still sports some low amplitude bumps.  The big North facing is much smoother but gets increasingly rustic as you clock to the West or East.  West, South, and East facing saw a lot of sun and enough traffic to heavily texturize the very soft afternoon slurppee,  which will be none to pleasant with 10” of 6% on the frozen crustitude;  you will feel all of it so be aware of that.  The high North will still have that winter feel , but will still be firm.  The trees have very well established bumps overall and, again, the North facing still holds the cold so won’t be as bone jarring as East and West so charge these sections with discretion…or not!  Certainly today’s wind had nothing to transport so that factor is out, but hopefully some higher density will begin the cycle and give us a bit of cushion.  Keep you fingers crossed and keep dancing!!!

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