5-29-16 by dave

Another delightful festival of corn goodness greeted the folks who showed up for the beautiful morning.  I made bee line for the lower Bassakward line to get the fresh tracks that waited there.  It was absolutely perfect deep sugar, that just felt exquisite with each deeply dialed in turn.  Higher up on the hill, the break was already happening, with the groomed lines offering sorbet quality.  I could not help but compare the conditions to some of the great back country corn I have had in the past. Here is a shot of Pipeline Bowl, with the Rasta Chutes looking fun and tasty.  DSC03859With the warm temps of the last couple of days, some of the lines that would usually be avoided have been attracting a lot of attention, as they are steep, direct, and quickly accessible.  Here is a shot of the high amplitude interference patterns along the Little Cloud Sign Line looking formidable indeed.  I liked the early morning Sun on the faces of this feature.  DSC03864The conditions held up the nice quality until around Noon, when it became a bit too thick for my knees.  I left the hill to the capable folks who were working every aspect of the available terrain.  Tomorrow, the snow is still holding up at the very bottom, and ski on access to the chair is no problem thanks to the fine snow farming efforts of the Cat Crew.  The weather promises to cooperate for the last day.  Conditions should be best for the first 3 hours or so, but the fun lasts all day.  See you for the morning session.  See the Line, Be the Line!!

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