5-28-16 by dave

It was a beautiful morning, with the snow just hitting perfect right off the bat.  Only Regulator needed an hour or so to get prime.  I worked a couple laps down low to get that Lower Bassakwards line that is always perfect and buffed, and this morning was no exception.  Up high, Mark Malu was also offering a sorbet feel and I was dialing back the roll to extract as much juice from each turn I could.  It had that back country quality that made me imagining I was out in the high reaches of White Pine.  Here is a shot of the Dead End Chute looking super PHAT!DSC03851The off trail was soft and workable, though the Rasta Chutes seemed a bit punchable, so I just stayed down lower and hit Hoopies just to check out the exposure.  Up on the top of the Little Cloud Chair, the view was incredible and friends were streaming by as I took it all in.  Here is a shot of Team Turville, with Toad Hill out in Mineral Basin as a back drop.  They were so stoked to be up here for the great conditions.  DSC03854Some folks are shooting a movie, so there are some tantalizing features being built, but they are not for local consumption.  Here is a shot of two guys putting the touches on a landing zone for a huge off the lip move.  I forget what the Movie they are making is called, but there should be some very big moves on these features.  We’ll just have to see. DSC03853Tomorrow, look for more great conditions, but we will have to see what the weather will offer for the morning session.  There is still plenty of snow to get to the bottom, with some creative snow farming being performed by the Cat Crew.  See you there for the opening bell.  Straight Ahead!!

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