5-27-16 by dave

It was a murky morning as the clouds hung on the peak as the showers were moving  through.  Up on the hill, the folks who turned out were treated to a nice surprise as the clouds moved off and left Sun shinning on a very smooth snow surface, with a few inches of late Spring accumulation covering the goods.  There were rave reviews coming down about how good it was.  Jones Malone got this great shot of Regulator that is as good as it gets, just in a different type of perfect.  photo 2-2I was amazing how smooth the surface got in just the last week.  The folks who got the first of this were some of the luckiest folks of the season.    Here is a look into Mineral Basin that has incredible cover.  Needless to say, the conditions up on the hill will be very good for the morning session.  There is snow access all the way to the bottom and right on the chair.  20160527_101423Neil sent that last shot, and took this shot of the coiled old track cable that they will truck down this Summer. 20160527_125522  I am looking forward to this weekend, and hope to see you out there on the hill.  I think the weather will cooperated for the morning session, but the unstable air pattern is bound to send a couple impulses through.  Stay Frosty!!

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