4-20-16 by dave

Warmth had finally filled the air with a balmy feel right to the top of the hill.  Still, the front of the hill was quite crispy, but nice tenderized lines had been provided to the bottom.  Out in Mineral Basin, the Corn Goodness was a sorbet delight on the prepared lines of White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper.  Low traffic and no waiting made back to back laps to the goods a real treat to kick off the day.  The consistency was off the charts creamy and dreamy with full arc turns fully reliable and loaded with delicious.  Around 10:30 AM. the front of the hill began to break, so I took advantage of the Peruvian Chair to pound out those top to bottom lines that felt back country smooth and velvety.  These are special days that, to me, are as good as any powder day of the season.  While waiting for the First Chair, I ran into the other half of Team Bro Bro, who were back to get these great Spring conditions before Summer starts.  DSC03774After Noon, Regulator broke, offering ultra buffed corduroy corn goodness that made the Little Cloud Chair a fast ride to more of the goods lap after lap.  The bright Sun was deluxe, though, surprisingly, did not seem to bother the quality on the upper elevations.  Lower down on the hill, the sticky factor began to crop up, so staying up on the high elevations was the best way to extend the goodness.   Tomorrow, look for another great day of Spring conditions.  The hill remains in great shape on all aspects top to bottom.  Look for there to be a light freeze on the front of the hill, but Mineral will be offering the goods to start the day.   Expect the sticky factor to be happening after Noon on the lower elevations.   DSC03783As a parting shot, here is one of the folks who shows up every Spring to get the last of the Season’s offerings. He is sporting a very bold fashion statement that screams Cruise Wear.  Gots to Love it.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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