4-19-16 by dave

A light freeze had set up the dance floor overnight, but with just enough set to give the turns a nice feeling give underfoot.  Out in Mineral Basin, the White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper line had been given a very nice buff, which was feeling perfectly broken for the first runs of the morning.  The Sun was in and out as clouds moved high over the hill, but visibility was quite good with good definition on all sides of the hill.  Very light traffic was a nice feature, with ski on chairs on every lap, making the vertical pace fun and fast.  Here is a shot of an interesting DSC03772 cloud that was hovering at the mouth of the Canyon.  The rest of the sky was filled with lenticular formations that were very cool looking as well.  That Northerly flow is still hanging in there, keeping the temps. a bit cooler than they would otherwise be.  The pack did break fully around 11:00AM. where top to bottom sorbet was being offered on all aspects.  The Groomers were offering the smoothest feel, but off trail was becoming soft and workable as the pack broke.  Tomorrow, look for another cool morning, with a light freeze once again.  It may not take as long for the hill to break, as warmer air is predicted to be moving in to the Front. Be sure to follow the Sun, and take advantage of those big smooth drops that are freshly prepared for the morning session.  See you there for the morning corn festival that is another version of perfect.  More Cowbell!!

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