3-17-14 by dave

A wild wind was dragging over the peak this morning ahead of the front that would later bring some fresh snow to the hill.  Mineral Basin had the best visibility with the overcast sky, and the flat light made it tough to see the details, though the machine work was very consistent which helped a lot.  Moving back to the front of the hill found the wind pounding the slope, which was so strong the transported snow could not find a purchase.  I tried to find the wind lines, but all I found were some pockets of dust in the troughs.  Off trail, those South and West faces were still sporting that crust that has developed with the  recent warmth, and those aspects should be avoided.  I saw some folks out on the gnar and it looked painful to me. The Lifts were closed due to the frontal passage, and there was limited resumption after things calmed down and the snow started falling.  Tomorrow, look for the residual accumulation from this impulse, some wind lines to be built up in those special aspects, and much better visibility.  The Groomers will offer the best overall smooth, but those wind lines will be extra special if you can find them, so keep your eyes pealed. Also be aware of some high spots to have been stripped off, so check those entrances before driving in blind.  The wind giveth and the wind taketh away, so look for those extra special treats.  Here is a shot of Pagan Bowl looking all smooth and bright.  I love that pitch as it faces North East and holds the cold the  longest.  See for the morning vertical fest.  Stay Frosty!!DSC01975

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