3-18-14 by dave

Today was a sleeper and caught many folks sleeping as the day offered some of the best snow of the season.  Many folks were saying that it was the best day of the year and I would have to agree that it was at the very top of the list of great days we have had this year.  The new installment was a perfect build up of dense graupel  with ever lightening Essence topping it off.  The bottom was in play, but the cushion took most of the sting out of things.  The South aspects were still very crispy underneath requiring a bit more English on the turn in places, but other aspects were just plain going off Blower.   As the Universe would have it, I got the drop of the gate to the Exotic Trees, where the conditions were as good as it gets.  The low turnout let you cycle back through to get another and another of the goodness that was waiting.  I also got the drop of the Road to Provo which had a bit more variation in the quality, as the wind had moved some of the product around, but the outlaying  areas were excellent and very deep.  Needless to say it was tough to find a fault with today.  Tomorrow, look for some more of the residual Lake Effect snow that fell all day to still be present, as the Sun did not make an appearance today, though it did try at times.  Those South faces still need to be taken into account, but the hill is good to go all over for the most part.  The Groomers will offer the best carving imaginable, so dig in deep and lay it down like Ligety!!  As there were no photo ops today, I thought I would present a group of friends of mine who are as deeply committed to the fall line as anyone and they all have the best time celebrating the joy of the DEEP!!  Rock on Gang!!  Ciao!!DSC01969

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  1. Brian says:

    Thanks for the report! Yesterday made our trip from Washington, D.C. worth it! Hope today is just as awesome!

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