3-16-14 by dave

Trams left early this morning in observance of Customer Appreciation day which was quite cool to start things off.  Spectacular Grooming had been lavished on all sides of the hill.  Mineral Basin was offering the steep long lines and low angle rockers that got you doing fast laps. The front of the hill was offering the Big Smooth with the trifecta of Upper, Middle and Lower Primrose buffed to a perfect velvet line top to bottom.  I could not tear myself away from that line until breakfast.  The High North was still offering soft cold snow, with some fairly smooth surfaces as these lines are a bit tough to get to.  The Exotic Trees have been bumped out fairly severely, so when you go, be very deliberate in the troughs.  The wind did not do too much in the way of building wind lines, but there were a couple that I tried out just to see if the lines extended to the bottom.  These lines have not fully developed yet.  Tomorrow, look for another offering of a Grooming extravaganza, and be sure to dig in deep and lay on that edge.  It was not that long ago you would have killed for this consistency.  Now we have it, so give it the juice.  The warmth of the latter part of the day today will extend the crustiness down the hill a bit, but the Groomers should still be holding the cold dry chalk. The hill is in great shape for top to bottom rock and roll.  Here is a shot of the Tunnel that I took on one of my tours of the hill.  See you for the first Bucket.  Peace Out!!DSC01979

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