12-03-13 by dave

The storm rolled in last night with 4” on the Trailer this morning and not much more up on the hill.  The fresh installment of Essence was medium density, which seemed to bond to the hard pack underneath.  Low angle aspects seemed favored as the cushion felt luxurious indeed.  At 10:30 AM the temps fell and the density became increasingly lighter as the lake effect kicked in.  Here is a shot of the lacy flakes of goodness accumulating on my skies during the Forklift Chair repast.  It does not get lighter than that.  It got progressively deeper as the day progressed and the conditions became special indeed.  There was very low traffic with partially filled Trams, so a back to back pace was possible, but required a full push to make each car.   I thought I was getting in shape, but the deep snow required a bit more power to motor through, so all your focus was needed.  The bottom was still in play, with slick sections still  affecting the turns.  I was using a longer, deliberate approach to maximize the elasticity of the ski to punch through the variations.  Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation, great conditions, much more traffic for the product, and  perhaps some Canyon issues.  Check the report before heading up.   Here is also a shot of the accumulation piling up on the trees in perfect little piles.  DSC01653DSC01655 Get ready for fun and enjoy the return of the Essential Element!!  Peace Out


  1. Jon Kinsky says:

    I am too exited to fly up and ski this season. Hopefully it will be another monster season like 2011. Thank you for the updates! Have a great time skiing

  2. MARIE says:

    hola. after a summer of planning and working out and wishing. nice to winter life starting again. complete with “some canyon issues.”

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