12-04-13 by dave

The storm had moved off, leaving a clear and very cold  morning. It was 10 below Zero on the peak and the snow was very slow and grabby even with the appropriate wax.  The last few inches of overnight accumulation meant blower turns for the morning crew.  The off trail was feeling more like it should, and as it all gets worked the consistency will improve.  I ventured in the upper Silver Fox gate and scoped things out. Most of the rock bands are visible, and the open sections have filled in, making that a go moving ahead.  Still, if you push the edges and the high points you might catch a hit on the base, so use discernment.  The groomers were much nicer, with a consistent feel with minimal hard pan showing through.  The snow guns are working hard and passing through the wash can slime your goggles, so shield your lens as you pass and try and keep them clear.  In this cold, the guns are really producing a lot of build up, so be careful passing as there may be a whale built up.  Tomorrow, look for continued improved conditions, and keep an eye pealed for new terrain opening. Traffic is light after the morning push, so there is plenty of room to stretch out and go.  Back to back Trams are makeable but there is no lollygaging-28 if you are pushing for the lap.  Dress for cold in the AM. keep your skin covered.  I got a bit of frost bite on first run when my covering slipped.  Here is a shot my friend Revy sent my way of some cool light effects in the high moisture atmosphere.  Stay Frosty!!!

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    I guess i didn’t have your phone number…but ineill look for you and have checked out a wee bit of quantum jumping…

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