12-02-13 by dave

There was a very light turn out for first Tram this morning as is evidenced by this shot of the morning crew minutes before the light went green.  The visibility was good, but the South wind was nuking, stripping what loose snow there was on Regulator, and put it on the Peruvian side of the hill where there was an overall consistency to the firmness.  The warmer temps. made the ride a bit smoother and it seemed there was much more traction overall than what we experienced the past few days.  Only the highest elevation Guns were operating as the temps lower down were too high to make snow.  Back to back laps was the order on the day to work up as much endurance going into the approaching storm cycle.  It looks juicy as I watch Mr Weather Dude, but I am not going to jinx it by dwelling too much on the amount.   Whatever we get of the natural Essence will be a welcome addition to the base.  Tomorrow, know that the prepared runs will have the solid base you can trust when it gets covered up.  Off trail will be much improved, but the features that now exist above the snow surface will be in play, so be aware and go for the fat guts and avoid the high points.  The new snow will go along way to getting more terrain open, so do your best snow dance tonight and we will see you there for some freshness in the AM.  Ciao!!DSC01650

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