1-12-20 by dave

The road was closed for control work, so I bagged the day and chilled. Up on the hill, it was all time, with light deep Essence wall to wall and no one able to get to there. From the pictures on social media, it was deep, deep, deep and a day that will be a life time day for many. It is difficult writing about perfection, because, what can you say, it was perfect, so we’ll leave it at that. Here is shot I took the other day when we were having a bit of sunshine. This is Bliss Brother Burke radiating joy on the peak.

Burke, dialing up the stoke on the peak. Getting the most of every moment.

Tomorrow, look for another amazing day of deep powder magic wall to wall, storm conditions continuing all day, and perfect conditions on all aspects. These are the days that we all dream about during the Summer, so you can dial into it and get it all. Check the road reports for morning access. We’ll see you for the festivities!! Straight Ahead!!

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