1-13-20 by dave

As the cycle continues delivering large amounts of Essence on the hill, it is getting really deep. The snow was falling hard and fast as the day began and the Faithful were in full attendance as the festivities began. The main areas opened after mitigation was completed and it was full on blower just about wherever you found a line, pocket, or section top to bottom. Here is a shot of Tomi getting the full effect on the Lower Cirque.

Tomi getting a full facial blast of the goodness and keeping them submerged for maximum full body immersion!!
Brian Beck exiting a powder pocket with full power and trails of glory in his wake!

Here are a couple of shots that Mike and Tomi and Mikey M sent to give you a full visual dose. When the the pack got worked over, the harbor chop rose up and I was looking for the side pockets and deep wind blown lines for the smooth. The wind was up in a big way and there were some wind worked lines that were showing promise, but were quite affected and required a very powerful direct drive approach to punch trough and keep the head of steam going. Tomorrow, look for some wind to have been working the hill overnight, so the wind lines may be the place to look first thing. There are areas still waiting to open in the wings, so keep an eye and ear out for openings. The hill is epic wall to wall, which lets you charge with unmitigated audacity. I expect continued heavy pressure on the hill, so start early. Stay Frosty!!

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