5-19-19 by dave

The hill received some added dust to make the groomers soft and dialable on all aspects. There was a fair turnout for the opening bell, which went off on time and all the operating lifts were in play to start. The Morning Crew worked the Mineral Basin area where Lone Star was groomed and accessible from the Tunnel Exit. We did round the world laps with Regulator to the bottom of the hill and back to The Peruvian Chair to keep the max vertical working. We were making the most of the untracked lines that were going begging on the Gad side of hill as the pressure was being focused on the Peruvian lines. Here is a shot of Baldy with just a hint of Sun on it, which was one of the only bright spots of the day.

Northwest Baldy fully fat and still looking mid Winter ready.

The temps were quite cold and the wind was brisk, giving this morning a fully mid Winter feel. It was great to see faces that I had seen only rarely all season. Here is a shot of The D TEAM taking some time off in the new lounge area across from the Pharmacy Bar. It was great to catch up and exchange notes on the season.

The D TEAM were enjoying a break in the action and had a big season working the remote lines in the Wasatch.

The rain is pelting The Trailer as I write this, which means that more product is being delivered up high. This is where I would say, ” Tomorrow, look for…..”, but we’ll have to see how it shakes out for next weekend. There is weather predicted all week long and I am betting it will be more than enough to push the season total over the 700″ mark. Have a great week. Keep the stoke high, and we’ll see you for next weekend’s festivities. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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