4-26-12 by dave

It was raining lightly on the Plaza deck which did not bode well for the day.   At the top it was much colder and snowing down to 9000′ where it turned to rain.  It is interesting to encounter the abrupt transition from Essence back to the liquid state.  This lower elevation rain lubricated the snow, making it seem like a refreshing Slushy.   The mountain began to break offering very nice corn goodness on the groomers, but was a bit punchable off trail as the freeze was dubious.  I am late getting this posted due to some deep research I have been doing, so I got behind a bit.  The front came through very powerfully and rain is now pounding on the Trailer, so we can expect some accumulation in the AM.  I think it all started as rain, so I think there may be another morning like we had a while back, where the cushion will get you over the worst part, but that is a wait and see proposition.  You can only know by showing up.  I have to take tomorrow off to collate the recent down load of information, and begin to work with the data set.  Watch the unseen chunks that are all over the hill after this melt down, just use your inner knowing to stay clear.  See you very soon.   Here is  a shot of the rock band out in Little Cloud looking quite mossy.  IBBY!!

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