4-27-12 by dave

That front came through like a freight train last night, with the wind and rain hitting the Trailer hard.    7” of new freshness covered the dance floor with some high density cushion.  The wind had worked the higher elevations, leaving the lower elevations a bit more consistent.  The Groomers offered the best ride, as the off trail was still suffering from the chaotic rumble that had frozen solid in the returning cold temperatures.  The faithful were definitely paying attention, backing the Tram line out on the Plaza, mostly because the up hill capacity has been scaled back, so the only way up now is the Tram.  There are some nice photos of today’s festivities, so I know I missed the window, but I needed to get all the  Transmitted information focused for assimilation and later implementation.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the smooth mix of freshness, however, there may be some residual kitty litter mixed in to the mat, so get a feel for the traction that may prove a bit inconsistent.  Cold temps will continue as the Northerly flow will still be flowing through, and there may also be some associated instability with the flow, so be sure to dress for a more winter like environment.  Those June temps are gone for the time being, so don’t show up under gunned.  Here is a shot a smooth clear runway, just waiting to be rocked.   See you in the AM.  IBBY!!

2 Responses to “FAST MOVER”

  1. M.J. says:

    Mountain operations…the six inch club…What a joke. We miss Jimmy

  2. Dr Nebz says:

    It was pretty good up there today. Yeah you had some variable spots, but there was some really good spots too. This late in the season with the winter we had, I’ll take it.

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