Winter Till 2 PM.

4-27-09 by dave

There was a cold wind blowing this Monday morning  with clear skies, and low traffic to start the day.  The new snow had given the grooming team some product to work with and , for the most part, the corduroy was deluxe!!.  Three , count ’em, big shots were buffed on the lower mountain, making plenty of room to boogie down.  You could not totally load an edge due to the punchable factor, so a bit of smooze was called for to get the most out of it.  Powder Paradise opened, and the rush was on like the faithful were starving or hadn’t seen it for a long time; kind of comical to be kind.  The quality was nice, but the sun had had time to get a look on it sending it south quickly.  The temps. remained quite cold and windy preserving the quality of the snow overall, and prevented the dreaded glopulation, which is a given this time of year.  I held out until 1:30 PM when the lower cat tracks began to morph into paste, so my knees cried UNCLE!.  Little Cloud opened and the extra depth from the full storm made it delightful and fluffulecent. Very nice for this late date.  More snow on the way will put the icing on the cake.  The cold and wind kept the full effect of the sun from fully trashing the quality.  High overcast moved in during the late afternoon masking the sun.  The high North aspects are becoming very smooth with the wind and wear so you can  plan on that , though the popular sections are still bumped out a bit in the usual places.  Enjoy these bonus days!!!

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