High Winds

4-28-09 by dave

The forecast for this Tuesday morning was for overcast and precip., but the day dawned bright and clear,  marred only by very high winds from the valley on up.  The first Tram went off on time and docked in pounding wind.  I, of course , had dressed ” for how I wanted it to be’ , and was confronted by true goggle blastage, though tolerable temps.  The groomers were best and a re groom of THE BIG BOOM BAH, on the lower mountain, added significant interest during these times of limited scope.  Mineral was open and softening quickly, but I opted to stay the course on the Tram before the inevitable shutdown due to high winds.  The high North has smoothed significantly though the supportability became an issue half way down the upper section, which required some survival tactics.  No time to come up injured at this juncture, or for that matter any juncture.  No Baloney was epic and rippable time after time , but also suffered from the lack of supportability after 40  turns, when the punchability sent me traversing for Primrose Gully!! At least there was an escape route!!.  When the Tram went down, due to high winds, the Peruvian chair opened to access the mountain, but the wind and nippy temps. made the ride suitable for the intrepid.  I found refuge, as always, in the sumptuous comfort of the Forklift, where we traded observations and solved all the world’s problems.  My friends were not interested in the Andromedan Perspective, so I kept that to myself;  I guess they are not ready to think out side of the box… or Galaxy for that matter.  So many information transmissions and no one to share them with…Oh well.  Maybe fresh snow tomorrow… Let’s hope… OH OH I forgot to put on my tin foil hat…   IN COMING MESSAGE FROM THE BIG GIANT HEAD!!!

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