4-05-16 by dave

After a few days of warm Spring like temps., a cold front that moved through overnight dropped the temps. significantly.  With a stout Northwest wind, and a peak temp. of 15 Degrees, the wind chill was down near Zero.  The pack that had become very slushy yesterday had frozen solid, and was not going to thaw at all.  All the usual Groomers were offering smooth lines, but they were very firm, with only the tenderized lines on the Peruvian side of the hill offering the only traction that I found.  The Morning Crew did the White Diamonds – Lower Silver Dipper line to the Lewis and Clark area in the bright morning Sun.  Those lines were smooth and consistent, but as the we completed the first lap, high clouds began to filter the Sun and we made an early visit to the Forklift Chair to let softening occur. DSC03731  Here is a shot of Team Staller, who were ready to hit it hard again today as they have been getting all they can out of each day of their stay.  It is always great to have them on deck for the dance.  At Noon, the peak Temp. had risen to 18 Degrees as the wind increased in velocity.  I followed the tenderized line to the bottom and called it a day.  Tomorrow, the morning session will, once again, be a challenge with the firm conditions on all sides of the hill.  There may be some softening later in the day, but the pack is quite frozen, so look for the direct Sun aspects for the first signs of softening.  The Spring feel will be returning,  no doubt, so plan your timing for the day.  I will be on hand for the First Boat, as I enjoy the exploration element of each first run.  Stay Frosty!!

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