4-06-16 by dave

The temps. on the peak were significantly warmer this morning, and I was able to wear my light shell to start the day.  Freshly tilled lines were on tap as the morning Sun began to work it’s magic on the mat.  High winds last night left some transported snow on the fresh lines which felt very consistent and smooth with plenty of traction to dig a full high edge angle turn.  White Diamonds and Lower Silver dipper, as well as the other prepared lines were calling for repeated laps in the Sun.  On the front of the hill, the Peruvian Gulch lines were firm, but had been reworked and had plenty of nap on the corduroy.  The Gad side of the hill broke around Noon, with the freeze thaw cycle now offering real corn goodness that screamed Sorbet on many of the aspects.  I kept doing laps off Gad 2 to get those nice lines that felt like the back country goods.  Here is a shot of the West Twin looking imposing from this vantage point.  You can seeDSC03733the low amplitude interference patterns at the top of the Rasta Chutes.  When the day hit full warmth, this area was good to go and felt just right. Tomorrow, look for another great morning, with Mineral Basin offering the best lines for the morning session.  Look for the break on the front side of the hill to begin around 11:00AM., with continued improvement in the feel around the dial if you follow the Sun.  Those High North lines will be the last to soften, so plan on hitting the soft window for most of the day if you work the aspects.   The hill is in great shape all over even after those warm days last week. DSC03734 Here is a shot of Team BRO BRO, who arrived for their annual trip.   I have known JP for as long as I have been here and it is great to see these two back for the great Spring conditions.  Straight Ahead!!

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