4-07-16 by dave

The peak was mild and still as the Tram hit the dock this morning.  The overnight freeze did firm up the Dance Floor, but by following the Sun around the clock you could stay right in the sweet spot all day long.  Mineral Basin was offering the goods to kick off the day, with buffed Groomers that were smooth and consistent, and some new surprise lines that I have not seen prepared all season.  The Lewis and Clark loop was offering nicely tenderized lines that felt sugary smooth underfoot.  Here is a shot of the first sighting of evidence of the beginning of the Big Return.  DSC03736  On the front of the hill, tenderized lines were prepared on the Peruvian Gulch that made the top to bottom pace fun and fast. While the corduroy was firm on the steep North aspects, the traction was easy to get and seeing the crystal nap shave off under the edge was fun to watch in the back lit Sun.  Here is a shot of Tiffany, who was out on the hill getting the morning goods on the First Tram assault on Mineral Basin.  She has such a great smile and was stoked to be out and charging the hill!!DSC03735The Gad side of the hill began to break around Noon, which offered smooth Groomers that felt great with the real corn goodness that let you dial in a real round turn on the soft consistency.  It was not until 2 PM. when the lower elevations began to get the stickies, but staying up high on the High North aspects kept the fun meter pegged.  Tomorrow, there is weather moving in, but we may get some Sun for the morning hours, we will just have to see.  The lights may go out later in the day, but with the Southerly flow we may get the softening of the pack again.  The hill remains in great shape wall to wall, just watch your aspects for the best quality.  See the Line, Be the Line!!

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