3-25-15 by dave

It was full on Winter cold this morning as the Tram hit the peak.  The Temp. was 13 degrees with a fair breeze still blowing after the front had moved through overnight.  1 inch of accumulation was all we could squeeze out of the last impulse, but it was enough to make the conditions fun and fast in the bright Sun.  Out in Mineral Basin,  White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper had been re buffed, tilling the fresh installment into the mat, which offered a dry cold feel.  Lewis and Clark had been over looked yesterday, and those blown in lines were very silky on the low angle aspects.  The High North was offering some of the best conditions of recent memory and there was a lot of pressure for those obvious lines.  The cold air held on all day long with only the very last couple of hours offering any kind of softening at all.  I stayed all day, as the consistency remained excellent and improving as the late Sun finally softened runs like Regulator.  Here is a shot of Door # 1 under the Zoom Chair with the Sun finally high enough in the sky to throw these rays on it.  DSC02717Tomorrow, look for another cold morning, but warming will be a bit earlier.  Those freshly Groomed lines will be offering the goods to start, but the High North is still soft and offering smooth lines. Those aspects that baked all day and finally softened will be crispy, but I expect some additional tenderizing to be employed there.  The front of the hill will still be offering dry cold lines, though the lowest elevations will be a touch crispy for the first few hours.  A later start will get you the break, but an early start will not disappoint.  See you there for the fast laps and bright Sun.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!!

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