3-24-15 by dave

Bright Sun greeted the morning crew as the Tram hit the peak.  It was quite cold with a stiff breeze blowing out of the West.  Mineral Basin was calling, and some wind lines had built up overnight, however, that East facing aspect was seriously crunchy underneath the accumulated transported snow.  White Diamonds had been freshly buffed, and with the new snow from yesterday tilled into the mat, that drop seemed mid January delightful.  Lewis and Clark laps were offering low angle untracked lines that had been overlooked during yesterday’s visibility issues.  The bottom was in play, but the low angle lines made the ride smooth and tasty.  On the front of the hill, the Groomers were also very nice, though a bit firm, especially on the very lowest elevations.  The High North aspects were much improved with the new product, and reports from Great Scott were favorable.  As promised, I did a full on survey of one of the big off trail areas to see how the off trail was fairing.  I found the new snow cushioned the Gnar fairly well, but still one needed to be cognizant of the piled up frozen surface below.  I had fun doing the survey, but I will be sticking with the known smooth for the next time.  Here is a shot of some snow swells way out on the far reaches.  They were running 10′ every 15 seconds and stacked to the horizon.  DSC02703Tomorrow, look for some additional accumulation forecast for overnight, giving way to a sunny morning as the system moves out of the area.  North wind will still be pumping very cold air, so be sure to dress for cold.  If this morning was any indication, put on an extra layer.  Brrrrr.  The Groomers will be offering more smoothness for the morning session, and the High North aspects will still be worth checking out with the new product.  Stay with the smooth lines, and avoid those South, East and West facing aspects that will not be thawing out at all if the forecast temps. hold up.  See you there for the fun and fast laps.  IBBY!!

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