5-30-11 by dave

Expectant Anticipation

It was a BLAST.  A Winter blast, complete with cold temps., stiff wind, and a full turn out of the faithful, who were treated to some very nice Essence as we move into the Summer season.  The amount of new snow created control issues, so it was fully 10:00AM before the first chair went up, but the new snow was cold and buoyant, and much deeper in the higher elevations.  Mineral Basin opened a bit later, and the reports were very enthusiastic.  The line, waiting for the chair to open, was formidable, and reflected the enthusiasm and commitment for the treasured Essence.  I got up early to try and get ahead of the rush, but the delay sent me to ride the Forklift Chair.  After breakfast, I decided to let the faithful have the pleasure of putting the collective signature on the hill and went back down the Canyon to turn my electric guitar up to ear bleeding levels and rock out in celebration of such Essential largess.  With a base of 182”, a YTD accumulation of 776”, and another system moving onto the coast, we can expect next weekend to still be holding the FULL FATNESS.  The hill should smooth out again, so while there may or may not be corn, there will be great sliding to be had.   Perhaps the Tram will be operating by then, and the Super Loop will not have to be endured to get to the peak. Here is a shot of the expectant crowd a the base of the Peruvian Chair just minutes before the first riders went up.  I can tell you the energy was high, and the folks who waited for the goods got all of it!!!   I will post again during the week as the conditions develop,so stay tuned.

3 Responses to “WINTER BLAST”

  1. Dirk says:

    Dave! I finally got in your blog. I’m the guy with the red helment in the first quartile of the mosh pit. Good to see you and thanks for all the updates!

  2. scotti says:

    DAVE!!!!!@#$%&**?Thank you for all your efforts.I am a forever Snowbird guy who has not been out for a few years,and your musings almost make up for that fact!!!Safe and solid always!!!

  3. I appreciate facts about that. I wrote it off as just another cost, but I am going to look at it all over again.

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